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I bet you thought that was pretty cool right?

I know I did, that's why I'm VERY excited about the potential of this new plugin software

I know I did, that's why I'm VERY excited about the potential of this new plugin software!

And the awesome thing is you can get it too...

So what exactly just happened?

By sharing the link to the giveaway you just helped my offer go viral.

Not only that, but you signed up to my email list without even having to enter your details, it was all taken care of through the new software and the Facebook app.

(Don't worry, it all happens behind the scenes and the only information that is shared from Facebook is your email and name, nothing else)

So if you're interested in PLR material I can only assume that you are also interested in making money from the internet.  I know I am, and that's exactly how you and I ended up here.

So who am I you ask?

My name is Rob Ainge and I am just a regular guy from Australia who is building an online business.

I'm not a guru, but one day I hope to be 😉

Right now I am concentrating on building my email list and I have to tell you this is hands down the most exciting and effective method I have seen yet.

This piece of software is simply a plugin that works with any WordPress site.

It was created by Omar and Melinda Martin "The Internet Marketing Power Couple".  If you haven't heard of them just do a Google search and you will find out all you need to know.  I have been following them for years and am a member of one of their coaching programs My Unfair Advantage.

Their awesome plugin came to my attention when I did exactly what you just did and clicked the share button to receive this exact same PLR package, created and promoted by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson - another pair of hugely successful Internet marketers.

I thought it was so amazing that I purchased the plugin myself - and here we are!

I would love for you to have the same success, so please have a look Viral Traffic Boost - you will be surprised by the introductory price as well.

You can download your 12 month PLR by clicking the link below (opens in a new window) 

Thanks for your support

Please make sure you check your inbox for your welcome message.  Just hit reply to that email if you have any questions at all or to just say Hi!  

I'd love to hear from you.  

Cheers, Rob

Jeff Edwards

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