The Strategy Call:

So I had a coaching Skype call with Randy Smith, who works with John in the Partnership To Success program and is also a very successful marketer in his own right. Randy is a lovely guy and a real straight shooter; he tells it like it is.

The only problem is I didn’t really want to hear what he had to tell me!

After re-familiarizing himself with List Genius and what it does he basically told me, in a nutshell, that it is not as relevant as it once was as there are now other programs which do a similar thing and the world is no longer so obsessed with mobile compliance. While it does what it is supposed to, he felt it would be hard to sell it in the Internet Marketing world in its current format. It is actually very good at targeting mobile users specifically, but that is not something that is very useful in the Internet Marketing sphere, as most people purchase using their desktops according to Randy’s research. Ah, bugger!

Oh well, such is life!

All is not completely lost though as I do have a couple of options to make it sale-able. The most obvious is to sell the finished product as PLR (Private Label Rights) software, which means the purchaser could then repackage it and sell it as their own. The second option is to find a niche outside of IM where targeting mobile users specifically is a desirable thing. I have some ideas for this that I think could work well, particularly for affiliate programs that promote offers specifically to mobile users.

One question I have though, is why are mobile purchases so low in the IM arena? Is it because mobile people really do hold off on buying until they get in front of their desktop computer or are they leaving with good intentions of coming back but then they forget about it, or the moment is gone and they move onto something else? Could a mobile specific message or email capture help lock these buyers in so that they do actually come back and purchase or download later. To be honest I know I personally have looked at an offer, decided I would look at it again later and have then seen another shiny object and have forgotten all about the first one!

Perhaps there’s something in it after all – some research and testing ahead I think!

Anyway, there is quite a big lesson to be learned from my story, and that is definitely to strike while the iron is hot! If I had continued with the product and finished it back when it was very relevant I think it would have sold very well. It was actually pretty close to completion when I parked it, I only had to write the sales letter, write the email sequences to promote it and create the membership area and the product itself would have been pretty much finished. Now whatever I do with it I will have to do those things plus I will need to spend more time updating things and re-recording all the training videos at the very least.

Most importantly, I missed the opportunity to bring out a cool, mobile focused product when the whole market was obsessed with making everything mobile friendly. Whatever I do now I doubt it will be as successful as it could have been. Lesson learned!!

Never mind, it hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for continuing with the coaching program and building my business. One thing I have learned over the past few years is that failure is not a big deal and is nothing to be ashamed of. You just pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and concentrate on making the next thing bigger and better.

I’m very glad that I am a part of the Partnership to Success family. Quite simply, the advice and guidance that I received saved me from continuing on with building a project that would have been a waste of time and money. The coaching and support has also helped me focus on what I really need to be doing, while giving me some accountability. If you want to succeed in building an online business I can’t recommend getting a coach or mentor highly enough. It really is the secret to success.

If you would like to know more about John’s program you can check out his free webinar here. Even if you decide the program is not for you, you will still come away from the webinar with some great content and knowledge. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Until next time,


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    • Martin Platt

      Hi Rob,

      Wow, bugger! I have had similar experiences with mobile. Way back in the day, I wrote a program to send e-mails to mobile phones, when SMS was brand new. Nowadays, you’d laugh at that as cutting edge!
      I also was involved in running a project to create those sites that sold ringtones, wallpapers, music, and so on on phones, but when phones with internet were still new. This site detected the phone type, and delivered the correctly formatted media to it. That was one of the first sites to do that. Now, everything is responsive, and phones can do most of what a desktop machine can do.
      I suspect that the skills you learned with mobile could be used, certainly the experience that you gained from missing the boat could be a product? I suspect that mobile apps would be the “new version” of what you were attempting?
      We do still have issues with making sites look good on different devices although, and whilst IMers may not use mobile, the rest of the world definitely does. So perhaps the target market has changed?
      I also had a similar experience talking with Randy, was funny. All the ideas I thought were great, he sort of said, naaah! I still have to land on something that will work.

      Good luck mate,

      Martin Platt.

      • robainge

        Hey Martin,
        Thanks for your comments. Funny how our lives often parallel isn’t it? There are probably a lot of people like us who want more from their careers, but having a well paid job really just takes the urgency out of trying to succeed online. I think it’s because it really isn’t as easy as most “gurus” would have you believe – being successful online is not necessarily hard, but it does take work to achieve it. To answer your question, I think the biggest thing I got out of developing List Genius was learning that you have to be flexible and be prepared to change everything if what you are doing is not working. Plus, I learned that you should often step back and really try to view your project through the eyes of your potential customers. Be brutally honest about it – if something doesn’t look right and you think it will confuse your customers or turn them away then you are right! If you can see it they will see it, so fix it!

        You certainly have had an interesting career, I’m sure that you will be able to draw upon those experiences to help you with your online journey. Even if you can’t use anything directly, you would certainly have had to learn to be flexible and react quickly dealing with old phones on the internet! That must have been frustrating at times lol.

        • robainge

          Just to go a bit further, I’ve just realized how long it has been since I posted. Since then I have had a very successful launch with the new version of List Genius. I’ll create a new post soon to explain all, but in the meantime if you’d like to know more then please have a look at the List Genus site here:


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